Westbound Gold Rush Hack Cheats – Unlimited gold, silver, tonic, pickaxes

Westbound Gold Rush

Westbound Gold Rush is strategy/simulation game created by Kiwi, Inc. Studio. The game is a continuation of Westbound Pioneer Adventure. When traveling in search of gold, your wagon breaks down in the wilderness in the Wild West. Now, your task is to create from scratch the town. To survive you need to get some food, for this purpose, you can plant crops. In addition, you have to collect materials and raw materials from the area thanks to which you expand the town. You should also perform tasks for which you will receive silver coins, which you can spend on the development of the town and the items necessary for life on the wild west. To expand the town, you need pickaxes, thanks to which you can smash rocks and find treasure or buildings which you can renew. When building a house, cultivating the earth, and other activities related to the town, will help you settlers. Most of the raw materials, you can get the normal free play. You can buy silver, gold, tonic and pickaxes in the store but if you do not want to spend money, you can use Westbound Gold Rush Hack Tool from this page and add for free an unlimited amount of gold, silver, tonic and pickaxes. Westbound Gold Rush is available for free on devices based on Android and iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod) in stores Google Play and iTunes.

Westbound Gold Rush Hack

westbound gold rush hack

Today I would like to present you a new tool over which we worked hard – Westbound Gold Rush Hack Tool. Thanks to Westbound Gold Rush Hack Tool, you can add for free an unlimited amount of gold, silver, tonic and pickaxes. Westbound Gold Rush Hack has features such as Anti-Ban script and Proxy thanks to which use the tool is 100% safe. You can run Westbound Gold Rush Cheats on computers based on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux or mobile devices based od android and ios (mobile versions). Thanks to simple interface, Westbound Gold Rush Cheats Tool is very easy to use. Our tools are regularly updated and when update will be available, you will update the tool for free. Westbound Gold Rush Hack has been tested by 136 players, and they did not detect any errors, so we decided to share tool also to you.

Features of Westbound Gold Rush Hack

  • Adds unlimited amount of gold.
  • Adds unlimited amount of silver.
  • Adds unlimited amount of tonic.
  • Adds unlimited amount of pickaxe.
  • Userfriendly interface.
  • Anti-Ban protection. (100% safe)
  • Anonymous proxy. (100% undetectable)
  • Hack works on computers based on systems such sa: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Hack can connect to the device based on Android or iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) via WiFi, USB or Bluetooth.
  • Mobile version of the Westbound Gold Rush Cheat works on Android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).
  • Regular Updates.

How to use Westbound Gold Rush Cheats

  1. Unpack archive and then open folder and run Westbound Gold Rush Hack
  2. Choose operating system (Android or iOS) and type of connection (USB, WiFi or Bluetooth), click connect and wait until hack connected to the device.
  3. Then, you can enable security options such as anti-ban and proxy.
  4. Now go to the hack tab, enter in the text boxes amount of gold, silver, tonic and pickace which you want to add, then click Start.
  5. Westbound Gold Rush Cheats added gold, silver, tonic and pickaxe, you can run the game.
  6. Mobile version of the Westbound Gold Rush Hack works similarly but is even easier to use.

In the screenshot below, you can see coins, gold, silver, tonic and pickaxes added by Westbound Gold Rush Cheat.
Westbound Gold Rush Hacked

Download Westbound Gold Rush Hack

Winsows, Mac OS X, Linux versions
Download Westbound Gold Rush Hack


Android and iOS versions
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