Fantasy Quest 2 – Game for PC and Mac

Fantasy Quest 2

Fantasy Quest 2 is a game that allow you conserve several sweet animals, as effectively as the fairies of King Feodor’s kingdom. You do this by means of a sequence of different Match-3 levels, as effectively as a few video games of Solitaire. It might not be the most memorable of activities, but it’s one particular which is confident to attractiveness to relaxed gaming enthusiasts. It gives ample twists and turns to its gameplay to make certain that practically nothing feels way too formulaic. The only specifically formulaic strain arrives from the storyline. It’s a realistic tale with numerous scenes interspersed among the action, but really do not be surprised when you locate your self skipping forward to get back again to the issue at hand. Even if it does try out its luck by offering a dash of humor right here and there among what unfolds.

Fantasy Quest 2 gameplay

Fantasy Quest 2’s power is in its selection. At 1st, it looks like it is a typical Match-3 game, but you are shortly introduced to its different ways of doing things. Each amount has you aiming for two distinct targets. For a single, you have to very clear all the yellow tiles on the board. This is accomplished by combining tiles on prime of people styles to change them back to the normal blue shade. Introducing a much more energetic note, you also have to appease the several fairies that cling about on the edge of the board. This is accomplished by combining corresponding tiles to ship them absent. If you do not appease them rapidly enough, they use magic to scatter some more yellow tiles throughout the display, slowing your endeavours down. It’s a simple adequate concept but a single that ensures you’re held on your toes at all occasions. The crucial right here is to attempt to preserve harmony and often make certain that you are clearing tiles frequently. At occasions it can really feel almost overpowering, but you shortly preserve on best of factors. The good news is, you’re assisted by far more than just swapping tiles all around.

Not such other Match-3 game titles, Fantasy Quest 2 doesn’t just have you swapping adjacent tiles to form 3 or far more matching tiles in a row. It offers two other modes. One method chain has you able to create a path between tiles, even if they are diagonally placed. As extended as there are three or more of them vaguely in close proximity to every single other, it’ll operate. The other method team has you matching up three or much more tiles, even if they’re shaped in a square or Tetris fashion like form. It will take some mental adjustment to keep in mind that you are in a position to do this, but it helps make a enormous variation in conditions of how quickly you can full phases. The only draw back is that you have to preserve remembering to go to the bottom of the display screen to swap modes. It is not accomplished for you immediately. I located myself sticking to clearing all of one type prior to switching modes to save myself the time of going back again and forth.

Fantasy Quest 2 gameplay

These are simply accomplished, but they crack things up moderately nicely. It’s a straightforward subject of clearing the playing cards by positioning a card of adjacent price on prime of it, with the occasional supplying of wild playing cards to assist factors along. Not that you require much support as, like the Match-three game titles, you cannot drop at these. Fantasy Quest 2 is all about the knowledge relatively than giving you a challenge. Is that a great issue? It is when you want some thing to mindlessly perform as a distraction. It’s oddly calming as soon as you recognize that there genuinely isn’t a rush to do considerably here, despite the fact that you’d be forgiven for at some point seeking more of a obstacle. It’s a time waster fairly than something to boast about afterwards, but if that is the sort of match-3 game you’re right after, it ticks all the relevant bins along the way.